Ustaads is a brand that specializes in serving authentic and traditional dishes from the Indian subcontinent. The brand’s menu typically features a variety of popular dishes from the region, with a focus on the rich and flavorful cuisine of Hyderabad, India.

Ustaads brand aims to create an authentic and traditional dining experience for their customers. They use traditional cooking methods and recipes passed down through generations to make sure that the food is of highest quality. Our Chef has over 28+ years of experience in cooking traditional Hyderabadi Dishes.

One of the unique things about Ustaads is that we still follow the traditional methods of cooking to maintain the quality and experience unlike competition.


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Rich Flavor

We use highest quality ingredients in our food. Our ingredients are the secret to aroma and flavor in our food.

Served With Love

Our servers have years in experience in service industry. We believe your guests deserve best service possible.

Enjoy Fresh

At kitchen we prep the food to perfection. Completion is at destination to make sure food is fresh and served hot.

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Looking for someone who can cater across all cuisines? We got you covered. Trust us and we will make sure your guests are served best quality food and drinks.

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For further information about our catering options, including pricing and menus, call or Whatsapp us on +919346264533.


We're the Best

Hyderabadi Cuisine 100%
Chinese Cuisine 90%
Arabic Cuisine 90%
Mediterranean Cuisine 85%
Vegetarian Cuisine 95%
Udupi Cuisine 90%

Talent and Experience

Team Members


Nidhi Berry


Nidhi desires to transform the food industry one day at a time. Her goal is to create a company that will serve highest quality food at lowest possible rates without compromising the standards!

Nikhil Kapoor


Nikhil is a core team member at Ustaads. He is the brain behind the brand and manages all the strategies related to the brand. His vision is to make Ustaads a global brand.

Vinit Raj Mahendra

Co-Founder and COO

I have years of experience in Marketing. My goal is to make Ustaads a household brand. I manage our operations along with team Ustaads.

What Our Clients Think

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The quality and quantity of food is just unmatchable. Biryani actually tastes like “ Authentic Hyderabadi Biryani” and the pieces of meat are so well cooked that they just melt in your mouth. Chicken 65 is another dish I would highly recommend ,also the Chicken curry tastes delicious.

The food taste is excellent. I totally loved the paneer chilli and biryani. The delivery was on time. Food had a great blend of flavours. The quantity is also quite good. Totally recommend it.– Customer

Taste of the food is really delicious. I been in Hyderabad for 17 years but never had Chicken 65 taste so delicious like this.


We have a takeaway where customers can get an experience of what we serve.

Packed to Perfection

Food we deliver is packed with care and to perfection.

Cooked To Perfection

At events we cook fresh and to perfection.

Cooking Colors

Ingredients that make it perfect.

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